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Wind farm day trip
Wind farm day trip

On February 1 students who are part of the Comenius Project with the company of some high school students on the INS Torreforta, made a trip to cut the wind farme, located between Rocallaura, province Lleida, province of Belltall Passing Tarragona, also visited the village of Vallbona de les Monges.

So talk about theis experiences of three students:

We raise bus and an hour and a half later, we arrived in that town, then we went to breakfast at every cold and lonely, then we spilt into two groups and one of them went into the field so see the mills and the other was walking up a classroom in the middle of town to do some work, and then we can change.

After seeing the windmills and walk away from that big hill, we saw wind turbines up close, we even check it's dimensions and the instructor told us all it's parts and their operation.

Furthermore, we see a class representhing all the existing energy, two of our colleagues also showed us how difficult it was to produce energy brought to a bicycle, plugged into a kind of light that lit their lamps according speed that turned the wheels of the bike.

We also got ourselves a cap that had a solar panel which had a rotating dan, and a plane stuck on a pole using the same technique tha tthe cap (solar energy) that made the plane turn.

Then we went up the bus to go Vallbona, where we eat, they let us free time. We went to an ancident monastery, where there were several different styles abbesses buried a church and elsewhere.

After a whole day we came home tired but always learning from experience.

By: Irene Martinez, Genesis Zambrano & Alba Vaillo

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